sky [skī]
pl. skies [ME < ON, a cloud, akin to OE sceo, a cloud, OHG scuwo, shadow < IE base * (s)keu-, a cloud, OHG scuwo, shadow < IE base * (s)keu-, to cover, hide > HIDE1, L cutis, skin, Gr skytos, leather]
1. [often pl.] the upper atmosphere, esp. with reference to its appearance [blue skies, a cloudy sky]
2. the expanse of the heavens that forms an apparent arch over the earth; firmament
a) heaven, or the celestial regions
b) climate or weather [the balmy southern sky]
skied or skyed, skying
1. to hit, throw, shoot, etc. high in the air
2. to hang (a picture) so high on a wall that it is not easily viewed
out of a (or the) clear (blue) sky
without warning; suddenly
to the skies
without reserve; extravagantly [praised her to the skies]

English World dictionary. . 2014.